Feb 20, 2012

Wedding in a Love Month - The Wedding Day

February 18, 2012 at Tagaytay City. The call time for everyone is six o'clock in the morning...It was such a nice sunny day, perfect for outdoor photo shoot here in Tagaytay.

Here's the groom and his family- the Pintor clan, as they merrily traipsed in Taal Vista Hotel's sight-seeing ground. Their faces were full of joy as they congratulate Marc (sixth person from the left) in the happiest moment of his life.

Couldn't blame Ivy for not loving this look of her groom...

Now, with his lovely bride Ivy on his side, that straight look turned into an exuberant smile. Marc is more quiet and reserved while Ivy is more enthusiastic and bubbly. It's amazing they blend with each other's tastes and preferences.

I would never forget this wedding because families of the couple gathered together in a single event. They flew from New Jersey just to witness the couple's exchange of vow. It's nice to see families of the couple meet each other for the first time. That was so wonderful!

Hey kids, what can you say about Marc and Ivy's wedding?

To the newly weds, Marc and Ivy Pintor, I wish you the best of everything and may God keep you stronger as you journey with your married life. 

Feb 16, 2012

Wedding in a Love Month

Love, love, love.

This is how I can describe the wedding we'll manage tomorrow. It's not an accident that the couple Mark and Ivy chose to tie the knot on the Love Month.
  Congratulations to you in advance. :) We are excited to witness your union at Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Tagaytay City.

Dec 19, 2011

When Angels Shed Tears of Joy

Skip and She merrily flipped a new page of their life, together. While the rain pours that day, the couple exchanged their vows of eternal commitment with each other. It was like the heaven rejoices when their hearts united as one on December 10, 2011. Yes, I would say even angels shed tears of joy when they professed their love for one another in public.

I could just imagine how the Lord would bless them with bountiful blessings- like having lovely kids such as these. 
May success welcome them like these bubbles as they journey in life together as husband and wife.  
We were delighted, being part of this remarkable union, to see all their dreams come true. Congratulations to you, Skip and She. 
I don't agree when people say wedding is a very stressful day. For me, wedding is a once in a lifetime event that is filled with happiness. Here's what Skip and She have to say about it. :) 
Just to snatch a photo with the event stars- me and my event partners. 

Jun 23, 2011

Inspired by a Seasoned Event Planner

     Armed with 18 years of experience in wedding and events planning, Ms. Rita Nerie, the Preston Bailey of the Philippines, inspired more than 30 event planners and talked about Destination Weddings last June 18, 2011. Truly, her tips on planning destination weddings are precious. T'was the first time I hear her speak and to me, it's fantastic! Let me summarize her talk.
It is important for me as an event planner to:

1. Start Preparations.
This includes sourcing out of hotels, early bookings of airfare to save and check weather conditions at the place or country where the wedding will be held.
2. ROI- Research, Ocular and Investigate.
Maximize the use of the internet to be able to know all the details I need with regards to the place. Insist the need for an ocular inspection on the wedding and reception venue. It will be helpful to ask friends or anyone who has past experience on the venue to be used. Having a Plan B is extremely important. Also, prepare the questions I need to ask the couple and to all suppliers and coordinators involved.

3. Know the legalities.
Be informed with the civil and religious ceremonies and consider having alternative options.
My husband and I were inspired by the insights of well-respected event organizer, Ms. Rita Nerie of Rita Nerie Event Planners.

4. Know the locals.
Meeting all suppliers personally is a must, as much as possible. I need to establish the "team of suppliers" and make sure everyone is on the same page.
5. Attend to other activities pro-actively.
Then, be able to suggest, recommend and refer with confidence. Ask and ask and ask. Presumptions will surely miss so I need to know as many information I need to make my wedding event a blockbuster.
Thanks to Ms. Rita Nerie for sharing her tons of knowledge and experiences in the recently concluded The Philippine Wedding Summit 2011.

Jun 10, 2011

The Philippine Wedding Summit

See you all here!!!

Themes & Motifs - The Special Events Co. (The Philippines' & Asia's premier producer of the biggest & most prestigious wedding fairs) presents The Philippine Wedding Summit - June 2011, another landmark event that brings together the brightest wedding suppliers in a festive weekend of the very best in the local wedding industry.

The Philippine Wedding Summit - June 2011 is the Philippine wedding industry's showcase of elegant ideas and best treats for soon-to-weds. As the industry's celebratory wedding fair, annual exhibit, and convention, this momentous event features the best suppliers of wedding related products and services for brides & grooms doing their wedding planning at this time of the year.This event also features FREE career enhancement seminars as part of Themes & Motifs' advocacy to further professionalism among local wedding suppliers.


May 3, 2011

The Royal Wedding Inspiration

The Royal Wedding almost dominated all newsbreaks and chitchat topics. And of course, everyone has different dreams about it.

Ladies would want to be Kate Middleton.
Guys dreamed of being Prince William.
WE all wished we were invited!
The Royal Wedding Invitation

This event really defined a dream-come-true and a fairy tale-like wedding of all ages. :) Now, soon-to-be weds around the globe were fascinated on their prestigious union. I think, our wedding inspiration right after the Prince Willam and Kate's union will be totally different. This must be so exciting!!!

Apr 11, 2011


It may be so less important to think of but candles during wedding is as important as the bride's veil and the cord. Candles lit up the path of the couple's new journey in life as to-be husband and wife. 

The ideal color of candles is white, which has a purity symbolism. Sizes may vary depending on the candle holder available. As for me, I prefer big ones so everybody, even those who are seated on the back, can glance the light coming from it. Also, big candles can stand alone easily and all you need is to take care of the candle drops.

Tied by violet and gold laces, these candles witnessed the sanctity of an eternal covenant between the groom and the bride. And, prayer seals all promises the newly weds professed to each other.